New Commission details starting June 1st 2014
Commission list for the 2014/2015 season
 How it works, one toy a week. However, this  could vary depending on the size of the piece. This way I can dedicate enough time to make a quality piece for you and have it shipped out in a timely manner. You will be given a number and each number will correspond with a week out of the 2014/2015 season, I'll follow up with you once your purchase is made. Sometimes gallery shows and conventions have a way of springing up and slowing down the process, but don't worry I'll keep you in the loop AND if you are not aware, I have an incentive plan for having to wait. If your commission takes more than a month to complete after your projected week I will throw in a signed 4x4 print, resin figure or additional commission depending on how many months you've had to wait. Also I can send WIPs to your phone if the emails aren't immediate enough for you and this makes me more readily available to respond to any questions regarding your order. No platform is off limits, send any inquiries regarding platforms other than munny, dunny, and Labbit to and I'll work with you to create the perfect piece of art.
  I will work with you on the design, however I hope to keep the commissions in line with my running theme. Commissions where I have total creative control are my favorite! Please read my store policies so we're all on the same page in terms of refunds and exchanges(in the case of gift cards). If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Contact me using the contact form or email me directly at 

Prices will vary on the size and sometimes complexity of the commission. I can give you a quote if you're curious.

  If you have a toy you'd like to send me to customize, I'd be more than happy to work on it!

Learn about exciting new incentives on my Policies page.