Artist Statement

Shadoe Delgado

    I create these chubby yet lanky, “Shadow” figures, whose purpose is to follow people around in the hopes of understanding how they work. The Shadows choose from various over-worn, stressed and cracked masks that they utilize to hide their dark expressionless faces to make the previous task a bit easier.

    My work loosely references the various situations, feelings and thoughts I’ve had over the years that have been influenced by my depression and experiences with mental illness. I use the Shadows to represent various aspects of my personality. Whether as an 8 year old or 28 year old, I have always felt the need to fit it in, even if it meant laughing at a terrible joke or pretending I understood what someone was talking about even though I hadn't the foggiest clue. I always felt like I was a follower and that I would change face depending on whom I was with just to fit in or be a smidge more likeable. A lot of this was due insecurities caused by the mental illnesses surrounding me and my family.

  The reason I chose the term Shadow to describe these beings is because of the shadow’s nature to be shaped by the object from which it is being cast. In psychology, Carl Jung describes the Shadow as the least desirable aspects of our personality that we repress and choose not recognize. It’s been my goal to try and give these ideas a tangible form through my art and come to terms with the thoughts that ail me.