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  • First Ever Android Custom

    This guy was a bit difficult at first and ended up taking it in a different direction than I had originally intended. I was originally going for some kind of stocky monster with six legs and a wide eyes. A thing about me when I sculpt is that I'm always keeping an open dialogue with whatever it is that I'm doing and I'm always asking it questions, but it's mostly the the same question "What if?" Sometimes I'll even speak to whatever it is I'm working on out loud... a tad crazy, I know. But in doing so I'm trying things and working things out all along the way. this is a really fun process in ceramic because you can always add and subtract quick and easy, However when I'm working in the toys I'm Using epoxy resin so I have to be a little more deliberate so I'm carving into solid resin... which isn't too bad but it can be a little slow going. 

    Anyway, once I began the sculpt and started cutting away and cutting into my hand, leaving me with a few stitches,  I started to see a kind of a Sluggish Shadow thing with four nubby little legs and two arms for whatever reason. I also gave him antennae and a toothy grin, gotta have teh toothy grins. One thing I've noticed about me and the toys is that once I've locked onto an aesthetic I'll keep doing it and refining it.  The first new platform tends to involve most of the learning and experimenting and when the second one comes along it's blown the first out of the water. I'll have a post up here in a bit detailing what I mean. If you were to compare the very first shadow to the ones I'm making now you wouldn't believe they were the same artist.  With that In mind I really can't wait to get my hands on another android!

    Oh, and another thing, When I'm working off of a platform or someone's design I like to stay true to the original as much as I can. I might hack a piece off here and there and then rearrange it, but when I'm done you'll be able to tell what it was originally without looking too hard. You can Still tell it's an android, right?
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